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RS485/RS422 serial to fiber (OM2101-RS485/RS422)
  • RS485/RS422 serial to fiber (OM2101-RS485/RS422)
  • RS485/RS422 serial to fiber (OM2101-RS485/RS422)
  • RS485/RS422 serial to fiber (OM2101-RS485/RS422)

RS485/RS422 serial to fiber (OM2101-RS485/RS422)

OM2101-RS422/RS485 is a multi-function and economic RS-485/422 interface fiber optic product. It is the best choice to connect RTU to HOST or SCADA controller. It uses Optic fiber as transmission media, increasing the system.transmitting function. Communication equipments abstain menace effectively from lightning strike, surge, electromagnetism disturb in the working environment.

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Key Features:

1. Plug-and-play, hot pluggable

2. Extends RS-422 / RS-485 transmission up to 2Km on MMF, 80Km on SMF

3. Industrial Wall Mount Compact size rugged case

4. Protects against electrical interference and chemical corrosion

5. Built-in surge and static protection

6. Diagnostic and unit indicator LEDs

7. Widetemperature range


EIA /TIA RS-422, RS-485

Fiber Connector

SC standard, ST/FC optional

Fiber Distance

50/125um MMF: 2Km, 62.5/125um MMF: 5Km, 9/125 SMF:20/40/60/80Km

Serial Connector

RS-232 ,RS-422, RS-485: phoenix terminal

Serial Distance

RS-232 port 15m, RS-422, RS-485: 1500 meters



Baud Rate

300 Baud to 115,200 Baud


D+, D-, GND


R+, R-, T+, T-, GND

Power Supply

DC 2.5 —— 5V(9V-48V)

Power rate


Static protection

15KV electric static discharge (ESD) protection

Surge protection

1500W/sec surge protection

Operation Temperature

-25°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Storage Humidity

5%~90% non-condescending





Label: RS485 RS422 fiber modem

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