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Q3: Can I successfully connect 100BaseFX fiber optic port to 1000BaseSX or 1000BaseLX port?

A: Not directly. The standard for 1000Base (Gigabit Ethernet over fiber optic cable) transmission differs from the 100BaseFX Fast Ethernet over fiber optic cable standard in data rate and possibly in the frequency spectrum used to transmit this data. It is possible to make a connection to the other device using an appropriate media converter.

Q2: So why not always use Optical Cabling?

A: Cost, cost and cost.... both the cables and devices supporting them are way more expensive than copper cabling. Consequently people will use all-fiber networks only when it is absolutely essential, otherwise they build mixed networks and convert to fiber only in selected locations. Copper to F/O media converters play an important role in most of these cases.

Q1: Can the OM610 -1V1D be connected other fiber optic devices to extend the deployment distance?

A: The OM610-1V1DWT/R must be used in pairs. Although the OM610-1V1D use 100Mbps Single mode transceiver as their optical interfaces, the encoded / decoded video data is not comply with IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX, so the packets are not able to be forward by media converters or fiber switches. Thus OM610-1V1DWT transmitter muse be used with OM610-1V1DWR receiver-the transmitter is to convert video and data signals to optical signals while the receiver is to convert the optical signals back to the original video and data signals.

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