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Railway Trackside Solution

Nowadays, many people rely heavily on trains or high-speed trains to travel between cities or countries. Because of the high usage rate of train system, some countries are updating train infrastructure to electrification system and it can deliver efficient, faster and environmentally-friendly rail services to passengers. At the same time, the network system is also updated from non-IP based to IP-based allowing greater integration and operation flexibility.


1. Outdoor devices may have high possibilities to be hit by lightning or suffer from ESD and surge
2. When one device is broken, the engineer cannot visit the site immediately
3. Non-robust devices become mal-functional because of shocks or vibrations caused by passing high-speed trains
4. Outdoor environment is harsh and the temperature varies greatly from day to night or from season to season

OLYCOM'S Solution

1. Provides Industrial grade certification to offer better protection against unexpected lightning strikes, ESD or surges
2. Supports various efficient network redundancy (such as u-Ring)
3. Pass the EN 50121-4 certification for trackside use
4. Supports wide range of operating temperature (-40~85°C) with rugged design

So OLYCOM suggests to use industrial POE managed switch for outdoor.

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