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Highway Electronic Non-stop Charging System (ETC )

As we can see, manual highway toll collection system has been replaced by electronic or automatic gradually. Compared with the manual highway toll collection system, electronic highway toll collection system allows road users to keep driving without stopping when entering the toll lane. Therefore, it saves time and manpower.


1. Outdoor devices may have high possibilities to be hit by lightning or suffer from ESD and surge
2. When one device is broken, the engineer cannot visit the site immediately
3. It is un convenient to get power for outdoor device
4. Outdoor environment is harsh and the temperature varies greatly from day to night or from season to season

OLYCOM'S Solution

1. Provides Industrial grade certification to offer better protection against unexpected lightning strikes, ESD or surges
2. Supports various efficient network redundancy (such as u-Ring)
3. Supports PoE device to make it simple for outdoor solution
4. Supports wide range of operating temperature (-40~85°C) with rugged design
5. Provide serial server device for dry contact function

So OLYCOM suggests to use industrial POE managed switch for outdoor and serial server device.

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